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Ron Gester, MD

Ron Gester, MD

I came to Ukiah in 1981 in search of an opportunity to practice emergency medicine in a rural, friendly community. Ukiah Valley Medical Center had just been built and like many hospitals at that time they were interested in organizing an Emergency Department with physicians who were committed to the specialty. It was a great match. In 1983 I was asked to take on the leadership of our small group. The three of us had all been friends in medical school at UCSF and we shared a common vision: excellence in care, teamwork, friendship, democratic decision making, and sustainable lifestyle. These ideals became the key to our group's success; they attracted and nurtured the best kind of people. As the ED patient volume grew, the group was able expand at a pace that made it possible to keep these values intact. When we incorporated as Pacific Redwood Medical Group in January of 1993, we had become a group of 8 full time physicians and 2 physician assistants. Although we had resisted the veil of incorporation, it evolved into an opportunity for even greater collaboration and a deeper understanding of a shared journey. Pension plans, group retreats, Job Care, administrative staff, department holiday parties, contract negotiations, childbirth, scheduling programs, nursing education funds, fast track, community philanthropy, sabbaticals, politics, skits, financial planners, etc -- quite a journey! In March of 2000 I passed on the challenges of leadership. It had become clear to me that the continued growth and success of PRMG required the talents and passions of others in our group and I was eager to shift my focus from medicine to some of the other pressing issues of our times. The subsequent accomplishments of PRMG are well documented elsewhere. The group and its leadership have exceeded my highest expectations and it has been enormously satisfying to witness their progress and share in the celebrations. It is difficult to imagine a more competent, creative and enjoyable group.

My wife and I continue to live on a small slice of paradise in the hills of Mendocino County. Despite the apparent remoteness of our home, the activities and projects both in the community and around our place are endless. Our children are off on their own adventures and yet remain somehow part of ours. They are the best of friends. I am on the boards of several non profit organizations that seek to mitigate some of the many problems facing humanity both locally and globally. Scientific literacy and energy policy are my primary passions.


Name: Ron Gester, MD

Position: Founder

Medical School: University of California, San Francisco

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